Best stopover cities when travelling to Sri Lanka

beat the jet lag with a stop over in one of the cool cities by getting a connecting flight to Sri Lanka.

there are lot of travel destinations where you can spend a day or two or even a half day before you get your connecting flight to Sri Lanka. By breaking the journey with a stop over in one of those cities you will be also able to find good air fares,cheap Sri Lankan air tickets sometimes.

getting a direct flight to Sri Lanka sometimes little bit higher than  a using two or three airlines.

which stop over to take determine by where you start your departure flight to Sri Lanka from.

The breaking of the journey with a stopover does not need to happen exact way.

you can also spend sometime in your stopover Holiday city when you flying back home after your  holiday in Sri Lanka.


maldive is one of the most popular stopover holiday destination when flying in out from Sri Lanka.

the national airline of Sri Lanka ,Sri Lankan airline act as official airline for Maldive as well.

most travelers to Sri Lanka choose Maldive as beach Holiday destination with a combination of a Sri Lankan tour.

Maldive islands are very famous among couples those who seeking a honeymoon escape.










Your connecting flight can wait -by breaking your journey to Sri Lanka .make your long haul flight to Sri Lanka a short-haul flight to Srilanka ,there are super cool cities to spend a day or two or even a half day.

Beat the jet lag with a stop over in Japan .japan offers its visitors a hyper-modern urban experience .as the locals saying just like bamboo shoots after the rain ,new developments go up

Malaysia -Kuala Lumpur
Many travellers flying to Asia see just the Airport,but Malaysia capital Kuala Lumpur is a great place to taste some street food and to sip a late night cocktail

see & do
Cesar pelli’s Petronas tower -symbol of modern Malaysia
Central market for souvenirs
Hangout at city’s pocket parks were locals gather for a coffee
Kl bird sanctuary
Old royal palace called Istana Negara which overlooks the kelang river and change of guard rituals at noon everyday.

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