When to go to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is usually regarded as around the year destination for tourists.sri lanka has monsoon weather pattern which brings rain to the island different time of the year.

the best time to visit southern beaches and western coastal part of Sri Lankan island is December to March .usually southern beaches ,deep southern beaches and central hills of Sri Lanka get plenty of sun shine during this time of the year .

from April to June the south west moon soon bring rain to this part of the island .

but the good news is during April to June east coast of the island stay dry while it’s raining western and south west part of the Sri Lankan island.

the best time to visit east coast of the island is April to June .

there is a inter monsoon period during the month of October and November which normally bring heavy rain and thunderstorms to most part of Sri Lankan island.

What is the Weather forcast for travellers visiting Sri Lanka

global warming and environmental changes has affected these natural  weather pattern in Sri Lanka.

it is reported that some unusual flooding and landslide in central hills in recent years in Sri Lanka.

not to forget Sri Lanka experienced a devasting  tusnami  in 2004 in history for the first time.

So there is no guaranteed weather predictions .sri lanka remain as a sunny island almost all year around for sun seeking holiday lovers.


What is the temperature like in Sri Lanka

the average day time temperature in Sri Lanka is between around 26-30′ Celsius throughout the year .

sri lanka has high humidity level which makes you  sweating  lot.

as you are travelling up the hill country in Sri Lanka you will feel the drop of the temperature . The hill country temperature is normally between 18-22′ Celsius most of the time .

The city of nuwaraeliya the highest part of the island Sri Lanka the temperature drops between 14-17′ Celsius.

January in Sri Lanka

Duruthu is how you called January in Sri Lanka .the Buddhist of the country celebrate the first legendary visit of Buddhas to Sri Lanka during January.this religious event take place on a poya day in January . Poya day is where you will see the full moon of the month.

almost every where in the island you will witness people take part in religious activities in temples.

Sri Lankan tamils ,the followers of Hinduism celebrate Thai pongal. a Hindu festival honouring the sun god .it is usually the period where people celebrate the first gain of their harvest from paddy feilds .

this event is marked by community ceremonies throughout island Hindu shrines .

Durthutu poya is the first full moon day of the year which also celebrate the start of the pilgrimage season to the Adams Peak.

the event of the month of January for tourists

Duruthu perahera (a parade  ) take place in kelaniya temple .kelaniya is suburb city of Colombo .

the street parade is full with folk dancing and dressed up elephants will be surely amaze the visitors  to Sri Lanka during January.

The weather in the month of January in Sri Lanka

January in Sri Lanka regarded as high tourist season . The weather in January in Sri Lanka usually dry  throughout and the west ,south west ,Deep South and the central hills of the island are best areas to visit this month in Sri Lanka.

February in Sri Lanka

february is in Sri Lanka very high season for tourist .since its is winter months in European countries lot of tourists book Sri Lankan holiday beaches during the month of February.

The weather in the month of February  in Sri Lanka

The south west ,western and southern beaches get plenty of sunshine during this month.

sri Lankan celebrate their national Independence Day on 4th of February every year. it is the celebration of the independence from being crown colony under British rule and becoming a free nation in 1948 .

there is a national official event take place usually in Colombo to commomerate this occasion with involvevement of Sri Lankan government in power. there is a ceremonial parade with participation of Sri Lanka’s three armed forces ,police and ceremonial bands.

There are also nationwide events take place all over the Sri Lanka island.sri Lankan school children are taking part in these celebration event across the country.

local school bands and parades can be witness during mostly day time . There are some local events including fire works during the night time. most tourist hotels in Sri Lanka organise fun and celebration parades with the participation of their guests to commemorate the national Independence Day in Sri Lanka.

the event of the month in February for tourists

in Gangaramaya temple in Colombo holds their annual street parade in February ,known as Navam perahara

The procession start on the full moon poya day of February .the night procession route follow around Beria lake in Colombo and viharamahadevi park in Colombo.

The folk procession is abundant with colourful dancers ,drummers ,torch beares and dressed up elephants.

it is advisable to go early to avoid crowds and traffic to witness the evening procession of the Navam perahara in Colombo.

March in Sri Lanka

march is also a good month to travel to Sri Lanka.the weather is sunny in southern ,western and Deep Southern beaches to central hills in Sri Lanka during March.

march in Sri Lanka is a important calendar month for Hindus ,the Sri Lankan Tamil community who celebrate maha  shiva ratri , the maha  shiva Night.

the maha shiva night celebrate the marriage of Hindu god shiva and Hindu goddess Parvati.

all night vigil ceromanies can be witness in Hindu shrines in Sri Lanka.

traveling to Sri Lanka between February to March?

best season for whale watching in Sri Lanka is between February and March .just about an hour off the shores of southern beaches of Sri Lanka offer travellers a chance to watch whales.

during the prime whale spotting season there is a 95 % chance of spotting sperm whale in Sri Lanka.

April in Sri Lanka

April in Sri Lanka can be really hot in  many parts of the island . the east coast of the island stay dry for beach holiday seekers in Sri Lanka.

The south  ,south west and deep southern areas of Sri Lanka start to get their south west monsoon in April.but April is also the month where central mountain town Nuwarelya get crowded with local holiday makers ,those who come to enjoy cool weather of central hills of Sri Lanka.

Nuwaraeliya take a festive look during the month of April.

school children get their Easter break during the month of April. It is just not the Easter break they celebrate in Sri Lanka in April.

for Sinhalese and Sri Lankan Tamils April is the month they celebrate traditional new year in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Tamil and Sinhalese new year Normally falls on 13th  and 14th April.

This is the most important national event in April Sri Lanka.almost the majority of Buddhist take their annual leave to visit their families  and relatives.

lot of Sri Lankan buddhist people work and live in foreign countries also take their annual holidays to visit Sri Lanka in April .

lot of Sri Lankan tourist hotels get filled with local holiday makers during this time.

the new year celebration in Sri Lanka happen accroding to the astrological calendar of Sri Lanka.it is the transition of the sun from one planetary house to another. every rituals on the celebration day done at auspicious time accordingly.

April is also important month for Christians of Sri Lanka .where commoaration of crucification of Jesus take place in popular Christians ,Catholic towns such as negombo ,chilaw and kalutara.

the rise of Jesus ,the Easter is celebrate in a grand scale in these coastal Christian towns of sri lanka.

May in Sri Lanka

the coastal areas of south west ,the southern beaches and the hill country of Sri Lanka start to get their south west monsoon rain during May.so this is a good time to find a bargain five star hotel deals in Sri Lanka on the hotels in southern beaches.

but May is a high tourist season for the east coast of Sri Lanka. There are plenty of sunshine during May on the eastern part of Sri Lanka.

the event of the month of May for tourist in Sri Lanka.

the full moon poya in May is the most important holiday for the Sri Lankan buddhist.

buddhist celebrate  and commemorate the birth ,enlightment and death of Gautama  Buddha on the May full moon poya day.

this is known as Vesak .sri Lankan get two day official religious holiday for vesak celebration.

every Buddhist temple in the country participate in this colourful event .the display of paper lanterns ,pandals and coloured bulbs and decorations  put whole Sri Lanka on a celebration mood.

The main towns of Sri Lanka take a festive look .you will be amazed by the amount of free alms giving take place every corner of the island . free drinks and food given away to passers by.

the evenings of the Vesak in Sri Lanka not to be missed as you can catch good night time pictures when you visit Sri Lanka during May.

June in Sri Lanka

june is the rainy season in southern ,western beaches of Sri Lanka .but during this tourist off season travellers may find good Sri Lanka hotels deals.

as usual when there is a wet season in western and southern beaches of Sri Lanka the eastern beaches of Sri Lanka can be dry and sunny.

the full moon poya day in June is important Buddhist religeious event of the month . Known as Poson poya in Sinhalese language. On this day Sri Lanka celebrate the introduction of buddhism to the island   By monk Mahinda from India about 2500 years ago.

the ancient city of Anuradhapura and nearby suburb  town Mihintale take a festive look with large influx of pilgrims.Mihintale Rock temple is the place where Buddhism was introduced to King devanampiyatissa by monk mahinda.

buddhists take part in many religious activities during Poson poyaday in Sri Lanka.just like in Vesak in  May there are lot of street alms giving with free food and drinks to passing pilgrims.

as a traveller to Sri Lanka you can learn lot about Sri Lankan buddhism ,the Buddhists rituals and traditions just by visiting and observing the locals at these events at temples.

July in Sri Lanka

july in Sri Lanka is usually dry .there is enough sunshine to be enjoyed during the month of July in Sri Lanka.

july is important month for Sri Lankan Tamil community since they have very large pilgrimage ceremony held at both in Jaffna and Colombo.

The Hindu temple in Jaffna known as Nallur Kandaswamy shrine has 25 day ceremony in celebration of God of war skanda.

similary in Colombo between suburb  towns of   wellawatha and fort there is  a Hindu procession take place .where a large gilded chariot of  Hindu God Murugan toed along the streets of Colombo.

the  pilgrim city of kataragama in southern part of Sri Lanka is also a good place to witness these local rituals during the month of July.

the Hindu shrine is  attended by both Buddhists and Hindus to pay homage to war god skanda.

the festival of kataragama in Srilanka celebrates the legendary victory twelve armed war god ska day over demons.

August  in Sri Lanka

August in Sri Lanka usually  a dry month. with start of August school holiday season lot of places of interests in Sri Lanka  can get really busy with locals during this month.

one of the must see event of the year take place during the August in Kandy in Sri Lanka.

kandy esala perahara one of the world oldest folk pageant take place over ten days in central hill country of Sri Lanka.

the religious pageant of Sri Lankan Buddhist honours the sacred tooth relic of Buddha which is held at temple of tooth relic in Kandy Sri Lanka.

the word famous event is a tourist  photo and video opportunity where you get to witness marvellous Sri Lankan folk dancers ,light bulb decorated elephants and many more local cultural traditions.

the night processions are the most spectacular where you need to book now advance to find good viewing pot.accommodation in Kandy get easily filled up during the  month of August.

September in Sri Lanka

east coast of Sri Lanka get plenty of sunshine during September in Sri Lanka.it is also dry and hot in western coastal beaches of Sri Lanka.

October in Sri Lanka

october in Sri lanka can be mostly wet because it is when  the inter monsoon period begins.

the inter monsoon period in Sri Lanka can bring heavy rain and thunderstorms to the most part of the island.

the festival of light Deepavali celebration Hindus take place at the end of October or early November.

November in Sri Lanka

November in Sri Lanka is inter monsoon period where there is a chance of heavy rains in anywhere in the island.

December in Sri Lanka

december is high tourist season in Sri Lanka ,where accommodation prices can go up. usually the weather in south and western part of the island will stay dry.

but the  eastern part of the island start to get their monsoon rain during the month of December.

the famous pilgrimage trekking or climbing of the Adams peak season start usually in December by locals.

the uduvap full moon poya day in December is another important Buddhist religious day commemorates the event where nun sangamitta bringing a sapling of Bo tree from India under which Buddha attained nirvana. It is the world oldest documented tree.

thousands of devotees gather to Anuradhapura Sri maha bodhi temple to pay homage to this sacred tree on this December poya day.

Christmas in Sri Lanka is celebrated in grand style in coastal Cristian cities such as negombo ,chilaw ,kalutara.

Colombo in Sri Lanka also take a very festive mood during Christmas period.



June in Sri Lanka It is at this time of the year ,the Sri Lankan Buddhists celebrate the holy event called Poson .to mark the introduction of...
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