Popular Sri Lankan tourist attractions & Activites

Sri Lanka is not an island that you can cover in just one day as a traveller .traveling from north point of the island to southern point of island or vice versa east to west would take very long hours. of course now inland Air travel is possible (there are lot of Domestic Air ports /embark points ) throughout the island. Generally Sri Lankan Road network is good and covers almost every city and villages of Sri Lanka. there are couple of newly counstructed Sri Lankan highways(motor ways ) connecting major Sri Lankan cities.

traveling on Sri Lankan roads can take Couple of good hours.specialy if you are taking public transport  in Sri Lanka. if you really want to experience the public transportation ,it is good to cover between only few major cities.

Sri lanka has one of the most scenic railway journeys in the world.travellers combine the tours with one train travel specially if they are visiting the highlands -up country of Sri Lanka.

Depending on number of days you are staying in the country and your specific interest of travel you may want to visit some of the cities-villages  mentioned here as attractions.

I have listed the cities in order that you will come across as you landing first time in to the country.

Cities on the western part of Sri Lanka


this is where Sri lanka ‘s one and only international Airport -Bandaranaike international Airport is located. the city is not much of particular interest of tourist attraction. since its location closer to the  Lagoon and the Colombo city -the commercial Capital ,katunayake was the ideal place to build an Airport. there are lot of budget and medium range guest accommodation available around this area.

most of these accommodation use by tourist as transit hotels rather than vacation accommodation.

Sri lanka free trade zone ,where most garment factories are located in this area. because of this area take more of a industrial look.


Negombo is located north of the Airport ,this is the most closest beach resort closer to the Airport.just under 30 minutes of travel you can reach this popular tourist city.most travellers choose negombo both as their point of arrival and departure. it is the ideal transit point on your travel to Sri Lanka.

on the other hand this city is well connected with other major towns of Sri Lanka. Specially to north ,north central and central parts of the island.

travellers can spend couple of good days in Negombo or may be whole of your vacation in this fishing town of Sri Lanka. you can also do couple of day excursions to popular attractions and back while spending your holiday time here.

but if you are really a beach holiday seeker Negombo is not much of particular place for beach goers .

History of Negombo

Tourists places of interest

activities to do

Negombo lagoon tour -muthurajawela

negombo Dutch canal tour

cycle tour of negombo

negombo fish market and town centre visit.


as you travel further along the coastal side to north ,Marawilla is kind of village type city.

there are lot of small to medium and star class’s hotels have sprung up in these areas.

some guests choose to spend some days in these areas since it is possible to do some day excursions to many popular tourist attractions from this city.










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