“the genuine freindliness and hospitability of the locals is legendary”.

“their smiles infectious”.

“the gentle pace of life irresistibly seductive”.

can you hear it? It may be the azure waters lapping the golden sands of Srilanka or the sizzle of fish cooked to order at a beach cafe .it might be the warm breeze as you sip arrack in Srilanka.

whatever your passions .the island of Srilanka offer its distinctive just need to find the right one for you. Let us help you make the perfect match. is a online travel portal  connecting travellers with best of tour and holiday activities Srilanka has to offer  .

How our platform works

  • the tours and activities listed on the site are handpicked for their uniqueness.
  • there are hundreds of small and medium sized activity and tour organiser in the island who are struggling to market it to the world travellers ,our attempt is to show case their tours on our platform. So we are the connecting partner
  • we list tours and activities organise by these small operators ,but they are true expert in their feild .
  • we list only one tour from each of the partners we selected to work with
  • from time to time we list tours chosen by international tour organiser who have partnered with local operators because of the uniqueness of those tours they offer

Why you need to book on our platform

  • we are local so we know the country inside out
  • tours listed on the sites comes from the expert in the feilds
  • We can give you best possible rates for your tours and activities compared to international travel agencies
  • We have cut the middleman and offering you the tours direct from the providers
  • tourism should benift the locals of the country
  • we strongly believe in sustainable tourism and we are acting on it

Affiliate partners we are working with

we use the following affiliate partners to provide you with extra services including flights and self hire cars . Most of the tours included here doesn’t include flight tickets . please feel free to use their services  to compete your tour booking to Sri Lanka .

If any traveller wishing to combine their tour with a local homestay we have affliated with home away .

Message from the founder “Supun Abeynayake “ was like “Dream Come True” As a huge supporter of sustainable tourism I always want to promote tour and activity holidays which will bring benefit to the locals of the island.

on the otherhand building a platform to book tour and activities which in return give travellers unique and authentic experiences of the Srilankan Island.

My team connects travellers with best of locals who are independent small and professional tour and activity providers of the island.

we use our network in the island to connect you with most amazing people .

Our network of connections build up from  local tourist drivers ,tuk tuk drivers ,tour guides ,home cooks  , local Trekkers ,small hoteliers ,boutique type accommodation providers ,organic farmers ,local fishermen,toddy tappers , cinnamon peelers ,folk dancers to historians ,architects to aurvedic doctors.

Whatever your budget ,we can find something for everyone to enjoy this beautiful island at anytime of the year .


you can contact me directly on or Skype with me at

International platforms we are featured on 

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