why you should book a small group tour to Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean; and offers clear palm studded beaches, gorgeous rolling plantations and splendid sacred sights and views that are steeped in spirituality. Sri Lanka is a place of charming people and mysterious and magical ruins offering some of the best cuisines in the world.

If Sri Lanka was to be described as a colour it would be the entire kaleidoscope, from the moment you step of the plane you’ll be amazed by the gorgeous colours. You’ll be reaching for the sun glasses and not just because of the dazzling sunshine – but why should you book a group tour to Sri Lanka?

There are so many benefits to booking a group tour to Sri Lanka, including the fact that you have people to share the amazing experiences, sights and enjoyment with but also because when you book on a group tour to Sri Lanka you can rest assured that you will see all the best places because you’ll be with experts who know Sri Lanka and know the best places to take you to.


By travelling on a small group holiday with group tours your holiday can be flexible and enjoyable, you will travel and eat with local people, visit places that are sometimes inaccessible to larger groups and you can get off the beaten track and really explore Sri Lanka, meet the people of the area and experience a really authentic look at local like in Sri Lanka.

When you are on a group tour to Sri Lanka you get a better and more inspiring experience as you really get close to Sri Lanka.


Another great thing about small group tours to Sri Lanka is that you won’t need to get lost in the crowds of large groups, following a red flag by your leader at the front of the group. Instead you’ll have the time to ask questions, really look around and explore and not fear getting lost of left behind with a larger group.

With a group tour to Sri Lanka there will be lots of group activities where you can experience the real Sri Lanka, but you’ll also have time to yourself where you can explore on your own. Our tour guides are experts on Sri Lanka and can recommend local places that you might want to try out and experience for yourself. You’ll get a perfect balance of group time and personal time when you book onto a group tour to Sri Lanka.


Exploring the far flung corners of the world can be scary for some travellers, especially if they are alone, but when they book onto a group tour to Sri Lanka they are joined by likeminded travellers and this adds an exciting extra dimension to the holiday.

Small group tours to Sri Lanka are made up of mixed ages, interests and nationalities but the one thing everyone has in common is their shared love of travel and adventure. It is not unusual for lifelong friendships to be formed on our group tours to Sri Lanka which is not surprising at you have unforgettable adventures with the group, visiting truly inspiring places.


From discovering ancient cities, enjoying cool highlands and wildlife, relaxing on golden sands and superb beaches, searching for leopards in Yala National Park, walking through rice paddy fields and tea plantations, observing whales and dolphins from your boat, getting up close and personal with elephants and other diverse wildlife there is so much to see and do in Sri Lanka and you don’t want to miss any of it.


our groups maximum size is up to 12 people ,if you are a single travellers and still would love to have your own room ,that can be done without no problem. we run two small adventurous type tours each month .classical srilanka and a real srilankan food adventure.

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