An Insider’s Guide to Holiday in Sri Lanka 2017-2018

Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful island in the world.

the island is surrounded by Indian Ocean and positioned in South Asia .

this island has being visited and enjoyed by many travellers for many decades.

it is just not the beaches that visiotors will find in this tropical island.

It is true that Sri Lanka is a paradise for honeymooners ,For surfers and water sports enthusiasts.

wildlife filled country safari parks ,misty mountains surrounded by tea plantations with waterfalls has amazed the nature loving visitors.

Sri Lanka has lot of places of interests and activities  for the families with kids.

Sri  Lankan elephants ,monkeys and turtles are some of the favourites animals enjoy by kids.

There are endless sightseeings starting from low-lands to up country.

the middle of the island rises 2000 feet above sea level with hills and mountain tops.


Every year hundreds of yogis come to Sri Lanka  looking for clam and relax environment to meditate and revitalise.

Sri Lankan aurvedha  ( the ancient healing system ) is more than a holiday massage or pampering available for tourists .

fine range of aurvedic villas, boutique  hotels and luxury spas are built among most beautiful places in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is rich with history .a country with rich cultural background.

it is evident with its large presence of historic sites including ruins of ancient marvels such as sigiriya.

there are palaces ,temples,shrines and forts in every nook of the country.

Historians to archaeologists regard Sri Lanka as a must see destination.

Sri Lanka is one of the top countries in South Asia full with historical past.

Sri Lankan food is second to none.

the cusines are rich with tropical fruits and vegetables.

freshly grown herbs and sri lankan spices use by locals lavishly and to their heart content in their food.

the Sri Lankan food recipes are based on medicinal herbs and plants.

you can learn about the food of Sri Lanka with a unique Sri Lankan food tour in the country.

above all Sri Lankans are very friendly nation.A nation of  Sinhalese ,Tamils ,moors and Burgers.

although Sri Lankans belong to different religious faith whether they are either Buddhists ,Hindus ,Catholics ,Christians or islams ,they all live in harmony under one Sri Lankan flag.



there is no doubt that you are looking for a Sri Lanka travel destination expert to get your  Sri Lanka holidays organised.we have over 15 years of experience in arranging Sri Lanka holidays and Sri Lanka  tours.

What is meant by Sri Lanka travel destination expert.someone who has born in that country and lived and travel in the country for the entire time of his life. so all our Sri Lankan tours are handled by Sri Lankans.

Sri lanka country experts ,they plan holidays to Sri Lanka and tours to Sri Lanka .so you are guaranteed  of their expertise knowledge of Sri Lanka.

who would know Sri Lanka better than someone who is actually from Sri Lanka itself.

a knowledge  from an insider who can recommend you Sri Lankan island’s attractions and places of interests.



holidays in Sri Lanka falls in to different categories of your purpose of travel to Sri Lanka.

when thinking of holidays in Sri Lanka what usually come in to mind is Sri Lankan  Beach holidays.

since Sri Lanka is an island of tropical Indian Ocean .Sri Lankan beach holidays are very popular but the best island holiday is to explore the Sri Lankan island more in depth.

combination of Sri Lankan tours and beach holidays in Sri Lanka is the ideal way of exploring the tropical island of Sri Lanka.

in addition to relax in Sri lanka’s  best beaches you will get an opportunity to experience the countries culture ,Sri lanka’ landscapes and sceneries.

You can read and learn more about Sri Lanka as a holiday Destination on our Sri Lanka attractions Guide.


Sri Lanka can be visited all year round,of course there are low and high Sri Lanka tourist season as well. Holidays to Sri Lanka can be arranged during any time of the year.
Sri lanka’ west and east part of the island ,specially two coastal part of the Sri Lanka island have different weather patterns at different time of the year.

When it’s winter season in both in western and Eastern Europe holidays to Sri Lanka and tours to Sri Lanka can be arranged.
During the winter season in Sri Lanka a Sri Lanka tour can be arranged with a combination of a beach stay in southern ,western and mostly deep southern part of the Sri Lankan island.

Sri lanka ‘s east coast has countries finest unpolluted beaches .when it’s summer season in Europe holiday to Sri Lanka can be arranged with a Srilankan tour combined with a beach stay in the east coast of the island.


Who is  this website for ?

this website is for independent travellers who would like to book a Sri Lankan holiday through a reputed Sri Lankan travel agency or independent Sri Lankan travel consultant.

island provide comprehensive guide to Sri Lanka as a holiday destination.

We have recommendations of where to stay in Sri Lanka and what to do in Sri Lanka.

And we do connect you with the right people ,the locals of Sri Lanka to have a most authentic holiday experience of your lifetime.

we have wide range of tours available from budget Sri Lankan tours to luxury Sri Lankan tour packages. check out our pages of Sri Lankan tour packages.

you can read more about us and  the Booking process on about us page.

Why you need to book with a Country Expert?

How to plan your Sri Lankan Holiday

if you are a visitor from a closer  country to Sri Lanka basically from another Asian country or Arabian country most visitors tend to spend around a week or more.

But if you are a visitor from Europe including Eastern Europe it is better to allow at least two weeks time to spend your holiday in Sri Lanka.

check out our short Sri Lankan holiday guide including mini round trips and Day tours.

if you are a visitor from American continent ,Canada or Australia it is also advisable to spend at least two weeks time in Sri Lanka.

check out our  multi day vacation guide in Sri Lanka ,if you are spending more time in Sri Lanka.

getting here to Sri Lanka is really easy,Sri lanka is well connected with international flight routes around the word.

check out our Sri Lanka international Airport Guide for flight connections from your country of travel.




Below are the three most common  and recommended ways of holidaying in Sri Lanka.

read and choose which method is most suitable for you , each method has its  own  advantages depending on your holiday budget and travel style .

you can be either  a luxury traveller or someone with a holiday budget.

if you are still not sure How to Holiday in Sri Lanka. CONTACT US any time.


1.Choose a Sri Lanka tour package

This is the most popular way of holidaying in Sri Lanka .You can always fine tune these packages according to your travel style,taste,budget and dates. packages include transport ,transfers,hotels,meals, attraction tickets.

you can book these tours  also with a tour guide or simply with English speaking driver. Multilingual tour guides are also available in Sri Lanka.

these packages can be done as private bespoke tours of Sri Lanka.what in terms of travel trade vocabular call them as tailor-make tours.

there are ready- made tour packages starting from 1 day to 16 days and more .

for an example 3 days tour of Sri Lanka ,7 days tour of Sri Lanka ,15 days tour of Sri Lanka

the advantage of buying a Sri Lankan tour package is,you will be guaranteed  to enjoy your holiday without worrying about what to do and how much to spend ,and calculating and budgeting everyday for your holiday.

Buying  the whole Sri Lanka tour package is actually a deal where you will enjoy the benefit of spending less ,worry free Holiday.

most Sri Lankan (local)tour agents sell tour packages excluding flights since purchasing and finding good flight deal has become more easier online nowadays.

when booking through international tour operator to Sri Lanka most of the tour packages comes as flight inclusive deals to Sri Lanka.

You can also check out our Sri Lanka flight inclusive tour packages available through international  tour operators.


2.Hire a Car with Tourist Driver in Sri Lanka 

This is the most flexible way of travelling around Sri Lanka .we can provide you the tour plan with a driver .guest choose the hotels on -the- go.

your driver will pick you up at the Sri Lankan airport and will be with you until end of your Sri Lankan tour.

locals tourist drivers know the places of interests to hidden spots of where to eat and so on … tourist drivers are just not another taxi driver ,he will be your Sri Lankan companion on your Sri Lankan tour.

you will be guaranteed to enjoy your freedom of travel in Sri Lanka.

you don’t even need to worry about drivers food or accommodation.our driver rates are included of everything

Read more on  hiring a car with driver in Srilanka Guide.


3.Book a small Group Tour to Sri Lanka 

Unlike in 70s and 80s Big coaches full with tourists are hardly to be seen in many tourist destinations.where mass tourism with all inclusive deals were popular.

Sri lanka is no exception ,since the end of civil war in Sri Lanka in 2009,country has seen a influx of tourists from all over the word. back -packers are discovering  every nook in the country.

when a war is finished ,budget conscious back-packers are the very first to explore a country .they actually discover a country ,they write blogs about it. if there are good Sri Lankan travel  blogs exists ,most of them are written by them. They use public transport most of the time.the modern Sri Lankan hostel culture to Srilankan home accommodation culture is the influence of these  travelers to Sri called shared economy or Air B&B style accommodation are easily to be find almost every nook of the country.

actually there are tours available catering to this segment of the market,where combination of a home stay included in the tour itinerary to cut down on budget.

the modern travellers like to travel in small groups ,there are many advantages of joining a small group tour to Sri Lanka ,group tours are famous among single or solo travellers

but even whether you are a couple ,just couple of friends or a family with kids ,joining a small group tour is a great way to travel to Sri Lanka  on a Budget.

Group tours depart on fixed days of the each month ,most of the time you can book a group tour through an international tour operator to Sri Lanka.

local tour suppliers and travel agents are selling Sri Lankan group tours through international operators since gathering travelers for the same tour can be harder  just as single agent.

we have one 16 Day Sri Lanka round tour (suited for European travellers ) departing on fixed date of each month ,you can sign up for this tour here.


How do you rate our service?

may be you have already have traveled to Sri Lanka.if so please do come back to the website and leave your precious travel note about your travel experience with Sri Lanka . This will help other like minded travellers to Discover Srilanka more in depth.

if you have find the information on this site useful please share with someone to add Sri Lanka to their bucket list.

you can leave your open comment on our Sri Lanka travel forum.


Sri Lankan food tour

Sri Lanka for food lovers

12 days
Spend 12 days enjoying the authentic tastes of Sri Lankan cuisine, with our food tour that you could not resist the delightful thought of delving...

What our guests say

still thinking of the food ,it was perfect group just 8 of us . The Sri Lankan food tour was really good ,do you know where to find a good Sri Lankan restaurant here in Bremen .!


Why so spicy -ms Claudia -April-2017

ich war in der insel letze june ,obwhol habe ich ihre name auf internet gefunden ,den service mit ihrem Agentur war super , ich mochte noch einmal in der insel zu besuchen ,danke fur ihre hilfe

mr.krugman from Germany -Jan 2017

photo (16)one of the wonderful island that I came across from my world trips ,  my girl friend and me were there in the island nearly two week .thanks supun organising such a amazing trip. we will definitely come back to your amazing country.

Mr Mathew from USA -November 2016

we were there  during our easter vacation ,what a wonderful island .without the suggestions and the guide from our local agent agent we would have simply lost in the island . We just hired the Driver ,Ivan was a fantastic driver who explained us everything .we never had a problem of finding a decent hotel .

Mr & Mrs Taylor-Hampshire-England- April-2017
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